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This Akoya Pearl Necklace Set 6mm is cultured in salt water and renowned for its round shape and luster. It is a special collection from Opearl Qatar, and you can freely combine the pearl necklace with a bracelet and earrings. This set is perfect for a gift, and will make anyone feel truly special.

Akoya Pearl Necklace Set 6mm

SKU: 243465855600
Color: Black
  • Type: Authentic Akoya Pearl

    Size: 5.5-6.0mm

    Color: Black

    Earrings Stud: Silver S925 | 18K Gold

    Clasp: Steel | 14K Gold

    Necklace Length: 16-Inch | 18-Inch | 20-Inch

    Bracelet Length: 7.5-Inch

    Length Reference

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