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What experience can it be by starting your matching day with a delicated pearl jewelry? How do you present yourself among social gatherings between each game? What will you take away from this historical pearl diving country after the tournament? While the whole country is boiling by football heat and fans are celebrating each winning for their supporting team, we bring you even more joy with our hands. Our focus has never changed no matter what and when. We're just going to satisfy you with each peice on your neck, your wrist and your ears and each pack you give to someone you love, by our own hands, just for you.

South Sea & Tahitian Black Pearls


Handmade In Qatar

Over 13 years as pearl wholesaler in Qatar, Opearl Jewellery has been offering our customers all kinds of genuine pearls at unbeatable prices. We cut off cost by taking pearls directly from pearl farming origins and return the savings to our valuable buyers. We also design and make quality pearl jewelry by own hands. Thanks to handmade and customizable jewelry, our online store offers a continuous variety of fantastic collections along with limited edition that fit any budget. Whether you're a pearl lover or just searching for a giving away, this is the right place for you. Happy shopping.


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